Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here's a pastel I've done recently, it's pretty much my first go with pastels so was a really steep learning curve. It also explains why the technique I've used isn't very exciting, I wasn't brave enough! I really love some of the pastel work I've seen about. Degas of course springs to mind whenever pastels are mentioned and I recently bought an amazing book on his work. I also found a section on Craig Mullin's (of fame) with some pretty cool stuff, there seems to be no medium that he can't use brilliantly! I've also put on the start of a nude study. I'm enjoying doing some smaller pieces at the moment along the lines of the studio sketch I posted previously. The background isn't as dark as it seems in this image, I got some annoying glare when taking the photo so had to knock it back in photoshop.

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