Friday, February 08, 2008

Here's a study that I completed today. The idea was to study tone in relation to colour. So I completed the tone study first trying to analyze the relationship between the different masses. This is harder than it sounds. When drawing we used the top and bottom line of the proportion box as fixed lines, this way there is always something to refer back too. With tone you have to try and study the whole tone not small chunks (the same as drawing in fact) as the tone (and colour) in isolation will look different than when viewed within the context of the composition. Its not easy to stop yourself getting bogged down in one section, so I ended up adjusting a particular area only to find that I would then have to correct another in relation to it! Towards the end I took a photo in black and white to compare to the set-up. A few bits were out but it wasn't too far off. The painting is also a little tighter than I would normally paint. I chose to keep any expressive brush-work and looseness out of this study so I could just focus on the exercise. The only problem is the yellow cup is a little wonky.....actually they all seem to be a bit....I'll blame the camera or something.

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Fantastic Blog, great artwork man