Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weird head

Tonight I decided to give Painter a go. Really I should just save myself a lot of pain and frustration and do a tutorial, but I didn't, instead I painted this weird head. Its not based on anyone its just what came out as I painted so no doubt there's some funny anatomy stuff going on in there. Anyway I wasn't very experimental with the brushes I just found a few I liked (and could get to work) and chipped away with them. I found it really hard to paint in the way I would if I had a real brush, this felt like painting with a giant glove on with the brush on the end of a stick. That's probably due to me not knowing the package rather than the software’s fault....not that you'll ever get a digital brush as good as the real thing........anyway, here it is. Also I would like to know why weird is spelt that way and not wierd, what happend to all that i before e stuff. I think people just make these things up as they go along.

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coffman said...

nice work throughout your blog. I like how you show your processes a lot.