Friday, September 20, 2013

                                                  Busted Ghosts

Myself and and the rather talented Christian Kesler ( have started a weekly sketch blog. We agreed that we could both spend two hours on a wednesday night creating an image on a theme - this week: GHOSTBUSTERS! 
The original brief was to design a new character for the films: fist lesson, listen to the brief! I got this particular image stuck in my head and ended up forgetting the original was my marshmellow man moment and I had committed so had to see it through!
Its interesting only having two hours as well, you of course don't have time to really develop the depth, do loads of research etc but it does allow you to have a really cool spontaneous reaction to the subject instead.

There are a number of things I really want to work on over the coming months - 

Colour: I want to reign in my palette a bit, I tend to paint with far more saturation with digital paint than oils and some of the best work out there has a more limited palette with a colour chosen to add a real kick. Check out the work of Anders Zorn if you want to see a master of colour and tone.

and one of my favourite concept artists at the moment:

Ideas: Concept has a really functional side that I often ignore - I get caught up in colour and light. If you check out Christian's image on the blog (link below) you will see that he has created details and features that would really help answer questions in production. On my next piece I'm aiming to get some more of that in there, I've got to try and answer questions and find solutions with the image.

Overall I'm really hoping to get a boost of creativity and I'm really looking forward to getting back to painting. Since Ambient Studio closed its been like a creative desert, this should offer a much needed oasis!

See what we get up to here:

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