Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its been insanely busy at work doing lots of DMP for the new Robin Hood film, but today I actually had some down time. All the work I've been doing has been great fun, but its all been manipulating photos and creating projections, not much actual painting with brushes to speak of. This afternoon I was stitching some of my sky ref together and I thought I'd paint an extension. Its done for no other reason than for the fun of painting. The photo did all the work, but it was just great to have the time to do some painting. Next step real paint! ....if I can remember to work a brush.

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Fred Studart said...

Hey!!!! How are you Tim?
What's the news, bro?
Are you working with movies?
Really cool.

I will become a drawing teacher! Such as you used to be. How cool is that, ahn?! I'll teach drawing basics for teens.

Anyway, keep in touch.