Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here's a painting of Kate finished recently. Its life size and has taken the last five days in 3 hour sessions.


Anonymous said...

A fabulous portrait; you have captured peace and beauty in repose.

Anonymous said...

You've captured a really good likeness! Nice one!

Ross Burt said...

amazing site you have here Tim, you're paintings are beautiful, this one of the missus is really awesome. Bet that scored some brownie points :) hope you're all good mate, keep up the superb paintasticness!

TORI CAT said...

Your work is breath taking TIm.
Its so fresh and inspiring to browse through your blog. I love your work and that you keep to using traditional materials. Its so lovely to see your use of colour and capture on life..... What can i say.... Im a huge fan!!!!

All the best,