Monday, June 02, 2008

I've painted this cast before, but I like it so I thought I would give it another shot! The first session was spent blocking in the form, trying to get the tones right and working the basics of the background. The second day I worked into the middle tones a little more to refine the modeling and the lower part of the cast. The third session was similar, I was trying to get a balance in detail and form, I don't want to describe every tiny detail but to create an impression. Finally the background was finished, it is in fact a patterned cloth, I don't want people to focus on the detail in the cloth and miss the cast so it was a question of trying to find the right balance.

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Fred Studart said...

Hi Tim,
how are you?
Thank you for your post.
Your artwork is just amazing. Excelente control and solid tecnique!

I really would like to join in the course, but first I have to do some boring stuff like getting a normal job. =(
But I am going to join as soon as I can. Keep posting man.
Excellent stuff.