Monday, May 12, 2008

Here's a painting of the interior of Chelsea church and the start of a road just around the corner. I made a bit of a school boy error and ran out of paint so couldn't finish it :( I might go back if the weather holds. Its also got a few bugs and twigs stuck to it as it keep falling over, all a part of landscape painting. I really need to start using more paint and expanding my brushwork on these smaller studies. The interior of the church looks a bit clunky in places and I think some smaller brushed might help add variation. This is how to really paint an interior!! amazing :)
Sargent is one of my favorite painters, a master of tone and edges. He's most well known for his society portraits, but his range is a lot greater than that. On the subject of painters I like and if you like Sargent, look up Zorn too. He's an outstanding painter. Up there with Sargent in terms of handling tone, but a bit looser in style. Its really hard to get books of his work. I ended up having to order some from the Zorn museum here:

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