Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here's a quick study of the office in the studio I did on Friday. It's going to be knocked down over easter so I thought I would paint it as a goodbye present. Also a nude study that I finished.


Bjorn-Erik Aschim said...

Hey Tim!! Thanks for your comments! Your colours are excellent! Very sensitive! I like this alot! Makes me want to throw my wacom tablet aside and start doing some proper paints.

rufus said...

hey tim, thanks for your kind comment. and thanks again for the interview, very much appreciated. its such a good opportunity and i think people really make the most of it, with help from you guys :]

your blog and website are just wonderful. i love your portraits especially, 'stuart' has really inspired me, and this piece here, sad about your studio though.

i had no idea it was you behind leaf! wonderful stuff, i remember watching it the first week of yr 1, thanks for it, its very sad too. less sad things please! thanks again :]