Friday, October 19, 2007

Here's a hand study I did last week. I was trying to prepare for a painting I've got to do where the sitter is under a red lamp so I the aim was to study the effect of the light on flesh tones. (there going to be in a bar too, hence the pint glass, sadly no beer)
The problem with painting your on hand is that you attached to it! I'm try step back a lot when I paint, but for this I was pretty restricted, still a fun exercise when there's no-one else to paint.

I've been painting this cast again, she's really hard! I find it very difficult to capture her expression, I think I must have scraped back the face at least four times. I'm really enjoying painting the casts, it’s a great way to practise for portraits and also really analyze tone.


aksel said...

I like very much the hand with the glass. You are really strong in painting, I find your work really good, I am not going to comment on everything, good continuation.

Anonymous said...

I love the cast painting. You're really good at painting this one.