Saturday, October 06, 2007


Just a quick post as I'm suppost to be cooking dinner for Kate and will get in trouble if I don't hurry up!! He's an update of some recent work:

This shows the first and second sitting, I tried to keep things simple in the first session, big choppy brush marks to try and find the planes of the head and map in the location of the features. You can see in the image below, I'd gone too small on the chin and too big on the eyes! The second sitting was spent correcting the errors and refining the skin tones, trying always to find the tone inbetween rather than blending. With a bit of luck I might get another sitting on this one if the model comes back.

Here is a painting of the greatest dog I have ever met: THE MIGHTY TRAVIS

Any one who knows me I was quite happy to paint this, brrruuuuummmmmmmm:

Finally another start for a portrait and a still life:

got to go now as, pork chops to cook.....incidently I found that if you add beer to them as they fry it makes them really tender. I don't know if thats well known or not, but I think it could be my first great invention.

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Anonymous said...

I don't usually like animal paintings, I find them a bit cheesey but I like this one. Really unusual angle, I like it! Nice car too!! I'm surprised you've not painted one before now! you kept the form really well it looks solid. They're all good, I like the portraits too! Looks like you're having fun :-) keep the updates coming!