Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I've haven't post anything for ages......people returning to this blog (if they do) must be getting very bored. So I'll post this picture. I got distracted this morning at work while trying to find the right paint affect in Maya, I never found it and drew a face instead.

I've also started working on a portrait; I’m just trying get the composition right at the moment. I was at the Velazquez exhibition again at the weekend; it was really interesting analyzing his work, check out the triangles in his composition! Velazquez is my favourite painter and if you haven't been to the exhibition GO!!!! There’s only one week left!!!

I also created a new website to try and sell some work and prints, as I've now decided to work part time and paint I need to some how earn some money........no more cake breaks at work, no more cooked lunches.......all in the pursuit of happiness! If you want to buy a print and mention this blog I’ll give you a discount, or draw a smiley face or something.

There should be a lot more work going up over the next few weeks so hopefully it will get more interesting soon.

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