Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello, I haven't posted for a while and as I've been in a creative desert recently I thought I would post these two drawings done while bored at work. Gelade avec L'oiseau is inspired by a story my workmate told me. I hope to make it into a very short animated film when I can find the time so I won't go into the story now. The second was a doodle that started because I was thinking about painting. It’s a bit weird and boring, but I was happy with the hand. Hopefully I'll have some more stuff to post soon.


Ross Burt said...

OOooo, this gelade story sounds interesting, can't wait to hear it.

Great likeness aswell :)

Annes said...

I like it, in a weird kinda way! It looks odd, like those Ingres drawings with the super detailed heads and roughly sketched bodies.