Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Here are tonights drawings. I was using a new giant pencil, it was great for shading but made it difficult to get a line. There is also a doodle page, still trying to think about Don Quixote but havn't had much time recently. I've started painting again so hopefully I might have something to put up in the next couple of weeks.


Ross Dearsley said...

Whatever pencil it was - it's working! I love these sketches, they seem a lot more sensitive and confident. Did you enjoy doing them? Looks like you did.

I love it when images seem to emerge from the process rather than having been forced out! Cool!

Timmy H said...

Hi Ross, Thanks for your comments. It was fun doing these drawings, they were done with a giant novelty pencil. I couldn't get a really small line or see the lead as the pencil was too big. I think that helped as I was less uptight about the results :)